Our Team

Marda Farm team members include

Murad Alkhuffash, Founder and certified Permaculuture Designer
Location: Marda, Palestine
Contact: mardapermaculture@gmail.com

Tami Brunk, Co-founder and Advisor
Location: New Mexico, U.S.
Contact: Skype/tami.brunk, tamibrunk@yahoo.com

Wael Al Saad, Visionary change agent, creative generalist, environmentalist
Location: Jenin, Palestine
Contact: Skype/wael.alsaad, Facebook/wael alsaad

Lina Isma’il, volunteer and environmental activist.
Location: Nablus, Palestine
Contact: lina.ismail.80@gmail.com

Muna Dajani, Environmental researcher and activist.
Location: Jerusalem, Palestine

Our supporters

Marda Permaculture Farm is an international NGO formally recognized in Palestine, as a branch of the Global Village Institute (GVI). The GVI is a non-profit charitable, scientific and educational membership corporation in Summertown, Tennessee, United States, and is chartered as a tax-exempt charity for the purpose of researching new environmentally sustainable technologies.

Marda Farm is further supported by an extensive network of international and local sustainability visionaries and partners including Geoff Lawton, Director of the Australia Permaculture Institute; Albert Bates, Director of the Global Village Institute in the U.S.; Starhawk; Jesse and Tanya Lemieux of Pacific Permaculture in Vancouver, Canada; Julie Firth of Drylands Permaculture Farm in Australia; and many others.


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