Marda Permaculture Certification Course, Spring 2015!

farm croppedLearn all about permaculture design from a range of specialists in the beautiful country of Palestine! Tutors Klaudia Van Gool, Leslie Buerk and Murad Al Khuffash will share their knowledge of permaculture principles and techniques with you, as you immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of this country.

The two-week course will be held at Marda Permaculture Farm in Marda village (Salfit district) and commences on 25 March 2015. It is in English with Arabic translation.

Being close to the earth in the Holy Land is a life changing experience. Marda is an ancient, peaceful stone village nestled in the mountains, surrounded by olive groves. The mild climate and rich soil support a great diversity of flora and fauna. The farm was set up in 2006 and is a model of small-scale organic farming in Palestine.

The course includes 14 nights board in a comfortable house (camping if you prefer) with internet, showers, washing machine etc…)

Everyone is welcome to this event; please contact us to book and for help with travel advice.

Price: International students: $1600 (the first five to book will receive a discount of $150)

Palestinian students: $400 (a limited number of scholarships might be available)

Klaudia van Gool is a permaculture tutor and environmental consultant, having taught permaculture since 2007. She has become increasingly interested in the People Care aspects of permaculture, incorporating a specific people design focus into her teachings. She has a particular love for the plant world, teaching foraging and generally getting people interested in connecting with plants and finding it a great way to get people connected with the wider natural world.

Leslie Buerk is a licensed architect and certified permaculture designer, teacher, and practitioner. She has completed training on water harvesting design and construction, including rainwater and greywater systems. Other areas of interest include plant and soil ecology, building science, energy efficient construction, natural building methods, and resource efficient design. Her passion is ecologically-based integrated design for people wanting to live efficiently and sustainably with beauty and simplicity.

Murad Al Khuffash is the founder of Marda Permaculture Farm and a permaculture specialist. In 2006, after studying permaculture at the Farm Ecovillage Training Center in Summertown, Tennessee, Murad Alkhfash founded Marda Permaculture Farm. He is creating a teaching center and model farm in Marda for local farmers and international permaculture students.

For more information of to book a place on the course please email

Raise the Roof for Marda Farm Teaching Center

Please check our IndieGoGo campaign launched on September, 25th and support Marda Farm to initiate its Eco- Training center:

The Marda Permaculture Farm is a working farm and demonstration site for permaculture principles, techniques and strategies in Palestine. Based in the picturesque ancient village of Marda, the project promotes food sovereignty, health, self-reliance and empowerment.  This is accomplished through modeling water harvesting, recycling, energy conservation and home-scale garden production with readily available and locally-appropriate materials.

Farm Founder and Director Murad AlKhufash has long dreamed of a Teaching Building using natural materials and techniques such as earth bag construction, cobb, adobe, and local building technologies.  The building, which would maximize space at two stories would provide a much needed office, indoor space for workshops, and lodging for interns and volunteers.

We are ready to begin this process, with your help!  $4000 will support Murad in launching the project by working with students at nearby Birzeit University to complete renderings for the building, begin the permitting process, and initiate a Natural Building Workshop  April 2015 to jumpstart the project!

This Teaching Building will integrate passive and active solar power, rainwater catchment and graywater recycling, thus enabling the farm to go “off grid” and so reduce dependence on Israeli-controlled and high cost energy and water supplies.

Over the past eight years the farm has become a destination for international visitors as well local farmers and backyard gardeners.  The farm has thrived despite continual challenges posed by the occupation ranging from destructive hogs unleashed by settlers that destroyed crops and fences, high costs of materials, food, and water.

Murad and his neighbors have endured ongoing curfews, harassment by the Israeli military, difficulty leaving and returning.  Thanks to Murad’s dedication and strong partners the Farm has survived, on a shoestring.

We are grateful for your contribution and our farm has bounties to offer to send a warm thank you for believing in our cause. Olive oil, organic soap and from Palestine as well as fantastic donations from our international allies Starhawk, Albert Bates, and Brad Lancaster are our small thank you for your generous support, with an open invitation to visit us in the Marda Permaculture Farm and Palestine anytime.

Please specify “Marda Teaching Building ” in comments sections when submitting the donation.

Please share widely with friends and colleagues who are passionate about the environment, farming, sustainable agriculture and Palestine.  Just spreading the word about the work we do will be very much appreciated.

Our next Permaculture Design Course with instructors Klaudia Van Gool and Leslie Buerk will take place from March 25 to April 10, 2015.   April Natural Building Course to be announced soon!

Please consider joining us!

Shukran (Thank you) from the Marda Permaculture Team!


On this website we wish to introduce you to the Marda Permaculture Farm. We invite you to visit us, to join in our work, learn new things, and spread the word.

Palestine faces problems, and Marda Farm brings new solutions. Come and see how it’s done.

Marda Permaculture Farm is a haven of green in a land that is dry, where Palestinians live under great hardship, yet where there is a promise of a new future. We believe that permaculture is a key ingredient in our vision for a just future, not only for Palestine, but for the Middle East and the world. We’re setting out to show how it’s done. Look through the pages to find out more.

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